Road trip!!!!

28 Jul

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We are OFF on a road trip soon! And at the moment, we are busy preparing, planning, packing in anticipation for it! We have a very special guest in our little sister visiting us and joining us on this road trip from sunny (as opposed to our thunder-stormy Perth) Malaysia…of which…we are EXTREMELY EXCITED!!

Those who know me well will know I get a thrill from organizing, especially things like road trips and holidays! And yes, I did use the word “thrill”!! I love it when everything comes together in an Excel sheet when everything just makes sense, and all the information you need is in one location (*THRILL!*).

We are planning to do a lot of driving, sightseeing and also a lot of cooking! We’re trying not to eat out too much in this trip and keeping our costs low – so obviously that would come with a lot of planning. We had to know what was available in those towns, whether we needed to bring anything from home, what we wanted to eat, how much we needed to pack etc – do you see the amount of information that one needs to collate?!?! Maybe one day, when I feel generous, I will share my holiday excel sheet :)

So, I’m looking forward to sharing our journeys with you and hopefully we would have many yummy meals to share as well. Because it’s a road trip, our meals planned are pretty simple, which is what you need really – cooking with the basics and spending the rest of your time enjoying nature and the many things that God has blessed us with, especially time with family!

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Posted by on July 28, 2011 in Holidays



One response to “Road trip!!!!

  1. GraceLynneFleming

    July 28, 2011 at 11:46 am

    I’m an organizer too – totally understand the feeling!



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