San Churro Leederville (Takeaway)

24 Mar


We have classes on Tuesday nights right in the middle of Leederville. There are so many restaurants etc there that we’ve decided to try a new restaurant when we can – but that night, I was just craving for something sweet and delicious.

In between learning about the importance of apologetics and the most asked questions about Christianity, me and hubby ducked out to get a coffee from San Churros which was just around the corner.

I ordered my usual – Hot and Cold – and hubby the Spanish mocha, to takeaway. I thought we wouldn’t get back in time (we had a 30 min break) but service was quick and our drinks were made in about 5 mins.

I love the hot and cold – it has delicious thick hot chocolate and topped with vanilla ice cream. The barista gave me a spoon for the ice cream but i much prefer to let the ice cream melt and drink it together. Hence the name right?! It was perfect and it hit the spot – just what i needed from a long day of work.

Hubby said that his mocha was good too, it was thick and with the right amount of coffee and chocolate 🙂  I envision that we will definitely be making more coffee breaks on class nights!

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