It’s Out! Two Asian Kitchens by Adam Liaw

30 Mar
Two Asian Kitchens

Two Asian Kitchens (by Adam Liaw)

For all you Masterchef fans out there, I’m sure you would know who Adam Liaw is. If you don’t watch it, well, shame on you! it’s not to late to be caught in the Masterchef craze 😛 Anyway, he was the Masterchef winner of 2010; but I am always intrigued by the dishes that he whips up (it always looks so good) and plus it has a huge asian influence. When it came to the time of the competition where they had to pitch their cookbook idea, I was so excited!! Two Asian Kitchens – what an awesome idea! So I couldn’t wait until his cookbook came out…and now it’s here!

You can read here for a detailed description of his book – basically it’s a combination of his old, more traditional kitchen experiences growing up and pairing it up with his new, modern cooking experiences in Australia. I can’t wait to get it..! People who know me know how much I LOVE cookbooks…and this will definitely be one of them sitting on my shelf! For those who are interested, you can get the book from a list of online bookstores available on

Would his cookbook interest you? If you’ve bought it already, let me know how you go with his recipes!

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