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We love cooking and baking, and we’ve been asked a lot of times about how to go about doing things, so these are the things that we have learnt (especially through our failed attempts) that we would like to share with you. We hope that you will be able to share our experiences with us to, so that we can keep improving as well! We are mostly inspired by chefs that we see on television, in Masterchef or in cookbooks, but the love of food (cooking and baking) comes from our mum and dad. Both of them have such skill when it comes to cooking (my dad makes a mean stir fried noodle!!) – and even though we can try and replicate what they make, it just isn’t the same! This blog is dedicated to the both of them 🙂


All the great looking photos are attributed to CW (crystar’s husband), the not so nice ones are probably hers. Sometimes they are taken by my lovely and talented photography friends (mostly Deb!)

Cookbooks we own and cook from

If you know us, you would know how much we LOVE cookbooks – we try and choose the books that are simple to cook, and most importantly, the ingredients can be sourced locally! I remember reading ‘Elderflower’ cordial in Jamie Oliver’s cookbooks and wondering (1) what on earth it is and (2) where do i get it! So, we choose our cookbooks a little more carefully now, and we try the recipes that appeal most to us. So this section is dedicated to all the recipes that we have tried from the cookbooks that we have – sometimes, they’re simple, other times they are a little more challenging. If you have a recipe that you want us to try, drop us an e-mail with the source and we will definitely try our best!

Fast Foodies

Sometimes, we just don’t have time to follow recipes and we just have to cook whatever is in the fridge. Sammy is particularly good at this, and it’s amazing what she comes up with! We will try and compile these together, but beware that these don’t have exact recipes! They are what we call “agak agak” – just tasting and guessing that the amount of ingredients are enough!


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