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Procrastination 101

THIS is why the blog has been neglected for awhile 🙂 it’s still food related right???

 In my *humble* opinion, this teaches you SO much about your little herb gardens or vegetable gardens that you have because it taught me:

1) How to use the sun effectively (to build a garden to kill zombies)

2) How to get the best of your vegetables (to effectively kill all kinds of zombies)

3) To think about using different kinds of vegetables (to kill different types of zombies)

4) How to protect your garden from pests (like zombies)

5) To plant your vegetables strategically (to eliminate all forms of zombies!!)


Educational right?? Totally!!

Plants vs Zombies Printscreen


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Questions for Google

Unless you just crawled out of a rock, you would have known that Google has pretty much become a verb. If you don’t know how to make something, don’t know what that word means, don’t know what the difference is between two things – you just Google it!

Eversince starting this blog, I’ve seen questions or search items that people have been asking Google that has inevitably led to this blog. I feel like I have a personal obligation to answer these questions since somehow Google has pinged them to this blog, and I know that some of the answers just cannot be found here (not yet anyway!).

So, I’d thought that I would start this new series, where I try and answer these questions in the hope that the next time someone else with the same question comes here, they will know exactly what the answer is…

(Who am I kidding…I just wanted to share all the funny search terms that I’ve found :))

So Questions-for-Google of the month of May 2011…

Q: Can you just have puff pastry on it’s own?

A: Er….last time I checked…YES! In fact its the best thing ever 🙂
Try it, and you won’t turn back!
But please er…put it in the oven first.
If in doubt, google “how to eat puff pastry on its own”

Teehee…stay tuned for next month’s Questions for Google!

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Need Kitchen Space?

Got this from Coolest-Gadgets (yes, I am a closet gadgetgirl!)

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How to Make Sushi Using Only Tupperware!

Wow, I think this is so cool…now to get me one of these, use it once and then never use it again 😛 Thanks Deb for sharing this with me!!


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Now that’s what I call impressive Teh-Tariking!

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