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Sunday Night Theme: It’s all about the Pies

The theme for Sunday night was fuelled by a member in our group who was sick of Chinese food (*shock horror!*), so we decided to have something western and “supposedly” simple. I say supposedly because our dinners go from a traditionally simple idea, to full on elaborate meals requiring various side dishes making it a full blown banquet!

Sammy and I didn’t do ANY cooking this time round, which was a bit strange for us, but  a break is always welcome since we made Loh Mai Kai and Ji Dan Gao (post still to come) that same day! So if you’re looking for recipes, we don’t have any unfortunately, unless our friends who cooked are so inclined to share them with us. The food was delicious that night, and everything looked and tasted great! We had two different pies, made by two people, made in different ways (interestingly!).

This is the curry puff pie :D, looks like a pie from the outside, but tastes like a curry puff inside, made by Lisa.  They were made using a Pie Maker, hence the perfectly shaped and browned pie. If you are a pie lover, and need an additional appliance just to make up your bare kitchen, this is probably one for you! From what I observed that day, it was pretty simple to use. It comes with cutters so that you can cut your pastry the perfect size, then you fill it up with your filling of choice and then there’s another cutter for you to cut your puff pastry for the top of the pie, put them together, press them down like a sandwich press and voila! You have four pies! Amazing…!

curry puff pie pastry pie maker

The other pie (which was AWESOME by the way), was a beef and potato pie. The filling was stewed for many hours and the beef was so tender and tasty and the potato added to the creaminess of the pie. It was so good, I couldn’t help but go for seconds! Well done Lindsey!!

beef and potato pie

Lindsey also made her signature dish – the classic caesar salad with a twist. Both the salad and the beef pie were an adaptation from Donna Hay’s Fast, Fresh, Simple cookbook (best gift ever Lindsey!). This seems to be my favourite phrase, but “there is just something about that sauce!” but in this case, it’s the dressing that was a standout – it was creamy, yet complimentary to the fresh salad and even though there wasn’t any ‘real’ bacon or croutons, we polished the TWO large bowls of caesar salad clean! yuumm..always looking forward to Lindsey’s caesar salad!

Caesar salad cos lettuce bacon

And last but definitely not least, Michelle baked sticky date puddings (yea, I know they weren’t technically pies..but we’ll let that one slide :P). I don’t know where she got the recipe from but it was soooo good! It was one of the best desserts that I’ve tasted – it was baked perfectly, crusty on the outside but so moist and sweet and full of dates on the inside, and paired together with cold vanilla ice-cream – they were a match made in heaven!!

Sticky Date Pudding vanilla ice cream dessert

My goodness, I was so full that night, and hubby wasn’t there to eat my leftovers either…so, in reference to our topic our conversation that night…I definitely had a baby…a FOOD baby!! *pats tummy* Bring on Sunday!!

ps. Thanks to Deb for taking such awesome pictures for us 🙂


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