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Katsudon: Japanese takeaway at home

Wow! It’s been a while hasn’t it! This blog has seems to have taken a backseat in the midst of our busy busy lives!

Well, it’s back now! And we have another yummy recipe from Adam Liaw’s book, Two Asian Kitchens to share. Since buying this book, we’ve been interested to try the Japanese dishes. We have quite a few good Jap food places we frequent, but we have only made sushi at home.. yup.. thats as far as our Japanese cuisine repertoire goes. But since starting to cook some dishes from the book, we realise its not too difficult, just need to have some basic japanese ingredients kept in the pantry: mirin, rice vinegar, mentsuyu and dashi stock powder, and we’re set!

This time around we tried the Katsudon – it is typically a pork cutlet, deep-fried, and topped with egg served on top of a bed (or bowl, if you must be pedantic) of rice. Japanese takeaway restaurants here have versions of it done with chicken, which you can do as well, basically the same process i guess. But be warned, to serve a few people (we save some for lunch the next day as well), you will use up a mother-load of eggs!!

Katsudon (from Two Asian Kitchens, Adam Liaw)
(the recipe serves 2, but increase amount as you need, much of asian cooking is about estimation
anyway! :P)

75g Plain flour
1 tsp salt
2 thick pork cutlets*
3 eggs, lightly beaten
100g panko breadcrumbs
vegetable oil (for deep frying)
250ml mentsuyu (soy sauce used for soba/udon/dipping tempura – tastes lighter than chinese soy sauce)
1/2 small brown onion
3 eggs, extra
steamed rice for the meat to sit on

* Pork cutlets were quite expensive, so we used forequarter chops and removed the bones, not sure how it affects the overall dish, but i figured, they were for frying, why waste a good cut *shrug*. Here’s the meat we used. the chops were huge and we had enough for 3 meals!!

Pork chops

First, mix the flour and salt together. Dip the cutlet in the seasoned flour, then the egg mixture, then into the flour again, and into the egg again, then into the Panko bread crumbs. This is so there is a thick coating on the cutlet, so it remains juicy, even though its deep fried. (Can you see why you might go through your whole tray of eggs now?)

Katsudon pork cutlet crumbing

Panko crumbs

As per the directions: Apply LIBERALLY and fry! more panko = more crunchy goodness 🙂

Deep fry them in a wok with really hot oil until its golden brown or cooked through. Because some of the pieces were quite thick, We chucked them into the oven to let them cook thoroughly.

Katsudon fried pork cutlet

After all the cutlets are fried, heat up a fry pan and add the onions and fry them till they are softened. Then add the mentsuyu. (this forms the gravy that will make the dish less dry.. just the way we like it! 🙂 ) When this is done, add the pork cutlets that have been sliced up into the pan, then add the other 3 (or however many you need) lightly beaten eggs to the mixture in the pan. Let the eggs cook until they are just set.

Katsudon pork cutlet and egg

onion mixture (right) and pork cutlet & egg mixture (left).. got a bit jumbled there!

Spoon as much rice as you can (or would like to) consume into a bowl, and lift the pork out of the pan and set it on top of the rice.You can garnish it with some greens. The book suggested snow pea sprouts, but we didn’t have any. We served it with a side salad instead, with a sesame oil, soy and vinegar dressing. Yumm-o!

Japanese Pork Katsudon

Be warned that your home may smell like a japanese takeaway after this! Ours smelt like one for a few days after!

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Ohnamiya (Applecross)

Apologies for neglecting the blog! I have been away for about a week in the land of culinary delights – aka Melbourne 🙂 So I have been busy working, eating and obviously, not much blogging…but here I am! Since I have been away, I obviously haven’t been baking/cooking very much – so stay tuned for Sammy’s chronicles because she has been cooking up a storm lately!

We have also been eating out quite a bit because it is MAY 2011 which heralds the end of the Entertainment Book 2010-2011!! If you have one sitting pretty on your bookshelf, and if you’re kiasu and Asian like us, it’s time to dust it off and tear out all the ones that you want to use because you have exactly one more week to use it!!

Which is what we’ve been doing 😛 We’ve been busy tearing out coupons and using the ones that we have somehow saved until the last minute. Ohnamiya was one of the places that we often frequent, but somehow never used the voucher…hmm, we need to stop hoarding our vouchers and actually use them!!

A few of us went to Ohnamiya on Friday (yes, in the pouring rain!). Ohnamiya Japanese is located in Applecross and can be quite unassuming. Walking in, you can choose to either order at the counter for takeaway or be seated to be served (make sure you have your whole party!) and you can choose from a range of basic Japanese food (Katsu, Teriyaki, Karaage etc) set out in different boxes (Bento box, Rice box, Sushi Rice box, Salad etc). We often come here for cheap, quick and good dinners and I like the variety that they have. Also, we get great service from a team of very polite staff which doesn’t hurt as well! 🙂

So, I ordered Chicken Karaage in a Rice Box (comes with a side of salad and pickles), I liked it- one of the better ones I’ve tasted, chicken was tasty, the batter was crispy and goes so well with the rice – I especially love the toppings on the rice!!

Ohnamiya Chicken Karaage in Rice Box

The others ordered Prawn Katsu (and I can’t remember what Deb ordered!) both in a Sushi Rice Box, also came with sides of salad and pickles. Deb says she loves the sushi rice – and that definitely says something!!

Ohnamiya Japanese Prawn Katsu in Sushi Rice Box

Esthey also ordered Salmon sashimi which was nice and fresh – if only it was a little bit thicker! But I remember that the wasabi was really good 🙂

Ohnamiya Salmon Sashimi

Once again, Ohnamiya didn’t disappoint and there is a reason why we always come back here. With the Entertainment Voucher (which gives you 50% off the total bill up to a value of $6.00) we saved some money too! Thinking back, with the howling wind and the weather outside, it would have been good to have an udon instead…oh well! I’m sure we’ll be back, and I think I know what my next order will be!

*All credits of the photographs go to Deb*

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Quick & Easy Weeknight meals: Oyakodon

We subscribe to the MasterChef Magazine, and this month’s issue featured a few recipes from 2010 winner Adam Liaw (probably in anticipation of his book release, which we’ve already got our hands on! 🙂 )

Anyway, we decided to try his Oyakodon recipe in the magazine, it looked quite easy and we had all the ingredients on hand anyway. According to Adam’s explanation, Oyakodon is so named because it has chicken and egg in the same bowl (oyako meaning parent and child).. bit of trivia for all you trivia buffs out there! 🙂

We only started taking pictures towards the end of the process, so no images for the prep part of the dish. But its basically cutting chicken thighs into 5mm strips (or breasts, for those who don’t like the sinewy thighs), slicing up a brown onion. Then fry off the brown onion in a fry pan, add in dashi stock (instant ones sold in the oriental shop), mirin, soy sauce and a bit of sugar and bring to a boil. Then add the chicken and let it simmer for a few minutes until its cooked.

Then in a separate non-stick fry pan, heat up some oil and add in 2 beaten up eggs (I used 2 eggs per bowl), add in some of the chicken mixture and let it cook until just set.

Adam Liaw Oyakodon recipe

After that, divide the rice up into bowls. We put in some corn kernels, just cause we didn’t have an accompanying veg dish (all about balance y’know!).Then slide the egg & chicken mixture onto the rice. The egg & chicken is cooked separately for each serving, probably helps in not overcooking the egg, or else you’ll just end up with chicken omelette on rice… :S Then we cut up some Nori into strips, and there you go, a yummy dinner all ready to go.

Adam Liaw Oyakodon recipe ricebowl

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How to Make Sushi Using Only Tupperware!

Wow, I think this is so cool…now to get me one of these, use it once and then never use it again 😛 Thanks Deb for sharing this with me!!


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Kabuki Japanese (Takeaway)

On the rare occasions that I don’t bring my lunch, and when the weather is relatively walk-worthy, I venture down the shops of Victoria Park to grab some lunch.

Today was one of those days, and I’m a real creature of habit when it comes to a quick lunch. So I went to Kabuki Japanese Takeaway – a place I’ve been many times. Depending on what I’m craving I would either have Sushi or a hot meal to takeaway.


I decided to try something new on their menu today – Karaage Chicken with rice. My food came pretty quickly considering they only had 1 staff doing the ordering, cleaning up and waitering which was the case pretty much everytime I was there.

I much prefer my Karaage with Jap mayo but this came with what I presume the usual Katsu sauce, which wasn’t too bad. I’m a Cantonese so I looove my meals drenched with sauce or ‘chap’ of any type so this dish was a tad bit dry for me. Otherwise the chicken was fried well, I liked the batter and most importantly the rice wasn’t soggy!! There is nothing worse than soggy rice.


It was a good, quick and cheap lunch and it was topped off with a refreshing bubble tea from Easyway!! Yumm 🙂






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