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You never know until you give it a go!

Back when we were students, eating out was quite the luxury, and our choices were very often limited by our budgets. So, we end up going to the usual places, knowing that we can get decent food at good prices. Ten Ten Kitchen in Vic Park was one of the chinese restaurants we used to visit, but stopped after a while because of their non-existent customer service. We had our plates thrown at us, and very unhappy looking waitstaff and boss, so we had boycotted them for several years now.

Recently, with the renos going on at Karawara and the injection of many eateries, we chanced upon Ten Ten Kitchen.. looks like they’ve branched out! It had been “trendified”, with good lighting and modern decor.. very inviting indeed! So we decided to give it a go, to see if visiting them was worth a shot.

Ten-Ten-House-Review Chinese Restaurantthe sign that greeted us

So we sat down, and had a look at the menu. All the dishes we averagely priced (around the $15-$20 mark), and there was quite a bit to choose from as well, I saw the Sambal Fried Runner Beans and decided we should try that.

Sambal-fried-runner-beans Long-beans chilli

It was really good. With just the right amount of chilli and crispy salty bits! And the beans were nice and soft, not too soggy or crunchy. It was yummylicious! And something different from our usual Sambal Kangkung or Kailan in Oyster Sauce.

We also ordered the Sizzling Japanese Tofu, one of the usual dishes we order at a chinese restaurant, along with Chilli Pepper Spare Ribs. Both dishes were good. The Sizzling Tofu had chunky bits of meat in it, and the sauce (you know we LOVE our sauce) was good for smothering our rice in! 😀

sizzling-tofu bean curd japanese-bean-curd Random side note: I just noticed the carrot in the middle looks a bit like a butterfly!

The Chilli Pepper Spare Ribs were good too! We usually go to Happy Meals in Vic Park for our Chilli Pepper Spare Ribs fix, but I think this one tastes just as good too! The pork was still tender, with a crispy outside, and the chilli, garlic and spring onions it is fried with rounds it off nicely!

Chilli-pepper-spare-ribs pork

We also had the Assam fish, which was the least stellar of the dishes we had. I was expecting a rich, red sauce, but was disappointed with the yellowy gravy we were presented with 😦 It was tasty, but the fish was a bit rubbery (not soft and flakey), so we probably wouldn’t be having it again.

Although the food was good, and the atmosphere was pleasant, the service was not fantastic. Although not as bad as what we had experienced in the past, we had to repeat our order to the waitress a few times, and also our tub of rice got thrown onto our table, with no apology from the waitress, who went on to serve another table (!!). The people in the table next to us were quite taken aback as well, we were like.. what the?? But yes, with the perpetually-in-a-bad-mood lady boss not there, we might venture back there.

Ten Ten House on Urbanspoon

The serving sizes were a bit small, and we felt like some dessert. We were contemplating making a visit to the newly opened Koko Black, but it was a bit of a drive away, so we popped into Gelare, which was just next door. It wasn’t half-price waffle day, and we forgot our voucher, so we had to pay full price! (horror! :P) We had the waffles with Jamaican Chocolate and Honey Malt Crunch. The waffles were really good – golden and crispy.. just the way I like it! And the Honey Malt Crunch, even though not my usual Gelare flavour, was quite good too!

waffle ice-cream gelare

Jamaican Chocolate in the foreground; Honey Malt Crunch in the background

What a great way to end the night with good company! And I thought I would end with this video for you to enjoy! (especially you Deb! :D)



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There’s just something about that sauce!

Karawara has undergone a huge revamp in terms of their look and feel and it is now a far cry from my uni days. It’s more hip and happening (or trying to be) with burger joints, cafes, ice cream joints, chocolate boutiques!! I guess it would be a good place to go, especially if you’re a student from Malaysia or Singapore yearning for a little bit of night life (in terms of mamak stalls).

What I’m trying to say is…most things have changed in Karawara! Except for the row of shops tucked away behind the main shopping complex. We went back there again tonight, and made a beeline for Sara Thai.

I remember going to Sara Thai when I was still studying. We would often venture there when we craved something hearty and a good meal. Fortunately for us things haven’t changed much! It was just the 3 of us today, hubby, Sammy and myself (which was a bit unusual). We were pleasantly surprised by how the standard and quality of the food was the same. They have made major renovations a number of years ago, and it’s a much nicer environment to enjoy your meal.

Sara Thai has individual meals as well as dishes for sharing. We all wanted to have the same dish with rice (Crispy Squid of course!) but being Asian as we are, we started calculating whether it was worth it ordering like that! So we decided to order plates to share – it worked out to be the same by the way, just more variety.

So we had the Spring Rolls ($3.90) as an Entree, Crispy Squid ($13.90), Chicken Red Curry ($12.90) and rice for each of us ($1.90 pp).

The food didn’t take long to come, and we had our spring rolls first. It was tasty, but a little too fried in my opinion. Hubby said that it gave him a slight charred taste which added to the overall flavour…(oookay I say! :P)

The squid and the chicken comes together with our rice and I must say…there is a reason why we keep ordering the squid. It is soooo yummy! It’s sweet and sour, and a little bit tangy, and the squid is coated with a crunchy batter – eat it together with the red onions – you’re in heaven! Ok, I wouldn’t go that far, but it’s really really good.

The curry was good too, a little creamy but not spicy enough I think. It was good portions for the price that we paid (that definitely has not changed!) and the service was great – all with a smile!

There is a reason why we keep coming back – it’s just something about that sauce! 🙂 It’s a new restaurant on Urbanspoon, but I reckon it’s worth a try. Check it out here:

Sara Thai on Urbanspoon

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