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Jus Burgers, Subiaco

Many other blogs have written about Jus Burgers in Subi, Northbridge and Leederville – so I’m not going to reinvent the wheel here – but just letting you know what we think is GREAT in Jus Burgers 🙂

I think our group of friends are frequent diners of Jus Burgers (especially the one in Subi) – mainly because of the distance to church and also how it instantly hits the spot of any onion ring cravings 🙂

Jus Burgers has quite an extensive menu and drinks that are made on the spot. I’m thankful for the Grommit sized burgers (smaller in size and comes with a side of chips) because I’m always too full after eating a normal sized burger. But that’s just me and hubby wallops the whole burger without thinking much about it :p

We’ve tried quite a few burgers but I always return to the Wagyu Beef burger (with Wasabi Mayo). It’s me and hubby’s favourite!! The beef pattie is cooked to perfection and paired with the hint of Wasabi – tasted soo good. The other burgers are not much to shout about however.

Jus Burgers Wagyu Burger

If you DO want to shout about something involving Jus burgers – it’s their onion rings with aioli!!!

Jus Burgers Onion Rings with Aioli

The batter is crunchy, the onions are sweet and tender. And when you eat it with the aioli it’s a match made in heaven!! Ok, not quite but I’m craving them big time now!! So next time when you’re there don’t bother with the chips, go straight to the onion rings!!! 

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