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Sunday Night Roast

Opps, it’s almost another Sunday and we haven’t posted what we had LAST Sunday! I think we got totally distracted by the daily screenings of Masterchef…YES! I am using Masterchef as an excuse! If you watched it…how good was yesterday’s episode? It was their time to showcase what they could cook and most of the dishes were so different – all of them looked amazing and a far cry from that one episode of Masterchef USA that I watched (terrible plating). I thought Billy’s (Asian, from Sydney, food blogger, designer) twice cooked pork belly looked great – and was so happy that they posted his recipe up online! I think we will definitely try it one day…

Coincidentally, we Esthey cooked pork last Sunday too…once again, Esthey was the Iron Chef who cooked most of the dishes that made up our Sunday night feast. We had less people this week – many were away, some were sick etc, but the amount of food remained the same – funny that huh.

Sunday Night feast BBQ Pork Roast Pork Tofu CAbbage soup

Esthey made Roast Pork – and this is what I gleamed from Sammy was the process; it was marinated with five spice powder and the skin part was covered in salt (for the crackle); people sometimes boil the pork first before putting it in the oven. When it came out, the skin wasn’t that crispy so what Esthey did was pan fry the skin a little to crisp it up a bit. The result? Crunchy pork crackle with tender meat…yummm…definitely a contender to Chinese Restaurants that’s for sure!

Roast Pork Siu Yok

She also made BBQ Pork, or also known as Char siu (can anyone guess the theme by now?) – which she marinated with Char Siu sauce and put into the oven – we realized that it’s better to use the Pork Belly for Char Siu because it makes it more tender. And would be better to have 2 ovens, because of the different temperatures that the meat has to be cooked. No matter – still tasted good anyway! Just dry in some bits, but someone (DEB!) happily picked on the dry bits 🙂

Esthey also made (along with the two pork dishes), a HUGE pot of soup, a tofu dish and a token vegetable dish in the form of cabbage. Phew, I feel tired just talking about it, let alone cooking it – so well done Esthey, you are indeed a Kitchen Superwoman! 🙂

Tofu with Coriander

Meanwhile, Sammy used leftover green apples to make a quick apple crumble…was delish! 🙂 You can find a recipe of apple crumble here.

 Apples with cinnamon before the crumble

It is a great dessert to make, especially when you are short of time and have leftover apples, pears or rhubarb lying around 🙂 We added some leftover oats that were meant for a souffle, which was great because it added that crunch to the crumble layer. And of course, we topped it off with vanilla ice-cream – match made in heaven!

Apple Crumble with Ice-Cream

And then we sat down to our meal whilst we watched the premiere of Masterchef Australia (Season 3)..which is shaping up to be quite an interesting season – what with a middle-aged flirty mum, a gorgeously cute 62 year old man, not one but 2 food bloggers, and the rise of another Jono…! An interesting mix of people, and very entertaining to watch at this stage…and all in Week 1! Can’t wait for Masterclass tonight..this is where we pick up a lot of handy tips in the kitchen…who’s watching with me?


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BFTP: Our Typical Christmas Family Feast

I call this the Blast from the Past Series – these series will welcome you into our world before we started venturing into the world of blogging. These can be our past attempts, our journeys of food delights back home in Malaysia or travels overseas done pre-2011.

For this series, let me bring you back to Christmas 2010 (I know, it’s not that much of a blast – but the time machine lacks some steam at this point 😛 PUN totally intended!).

Let me tell you a little of our Christmas tradition, we always meet on Christmas Eve together as an extended family (I know, not on Christmas day? – Shock horror!) and each family we will bring a dish to share, most of the time we have Chinese food as a get together rather than the traditional Christmas ham etc. We did try buying a turkey once, but it got too expensive…plus it was a bit dry, which was probably why I don’t even eat much turkey now.

We usually try and make our way home on Christmas and New Year, and last year we did along with all our goodies.

Biscuits Snacks Chinese-New-Year-Goodies

I always look forward to going home firstly to see dad, mum, becks, my cousins, aunts and uncles, but secondly, to eat all the food! I usually have a list of things that I want to eat once we touch down (MAMAK! HOKKIEN MEE!) and of course my parent’s delicious homecook food. It’s always the meals that are cooked from the heart that tastes the best.

So this year, all the family came together again. We had a huge debate about what food we will have for Christmas. Some of us wanted to deviate from the usual and not have Chinese but instead have a western meal. But SOME members of the family threaten to boycott our dinner if they didn’t have roast pork!! The nerve!! So we caved, and last year, we had roast pork (as demanded).

Mum wanted to cook prawns but we couldn’t find good, large prawns anywhere, so she came up with Plan B and made Asparagus wrapped in bacon. All she did was wrap the bacon around the asparagus and then it was drizzled with olive oil. It turned out rather good! Considering that was not her original plan!

Asparagus with Bacon

Then there was steamed chicken and fish…

Chinese-dinner fried-fish steam-chicken


Baby-Buk-Choy Stir-Fry

…and the pride of the table…the ROAST PORK…! Yummm….! I guess it was worth missing out on the Western Christmas meal!

Roast-Pork crispy-skin-pork

This was what we ate that night, I have to tip my hats to all the chefs – I reckon I am so privileged to have such wonderful cooks in our family. Every dish was yummy and like all our Christmas meals we were FULLY satisfied…aahh…to taste that roast pork again…

Chinese Christmas

Wow, that brought me on a bit of a salivating journey back home…just looking at the pictures tickled my senses! I can’t wait for the next Christmas! What will it be? Western or Eastern? I reckon we will always lose out to that roast pork.

Merry Christmas everyone!


Ok, back to reality now….It is April Fool’s day for a reason!


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