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Chi Restaurant, Victoria Park

It’s been awhile since we found the time to make something special, or cook for that matter! I’ve been in and out of Perth again in the last weekend, so that threw any inclinations to cook or bake out of the window! Our routine has also been a bit topsy turvy lately and my poor hubby had to fend for himself because there was no one to cook for him!

Anyhow, it explains why we’ve been eating out a lot!

Chi Restaurant is another one of those restaurants which we frequent, especially when we’re in the area and in the mood for EasyWay Bubble Tea. We decided to go to Chi after a game of squash, and also because we have a few vouchers to use there. Yes, the asians in us are out in full force that week, trying desperately to use up the Entertainment Book Vouchers!

Just a note to remember to book ahead with Chi (especially at night), because they few times that we tried going there without a booking, we had to be turned away. Having said that, we were quite surprised when we did make a booking for lunch for 1pm on a Saturday, the restaurant was quite empty.

There were 7 of us that day, and we were quite hungry after that game so we ordered 5 dishes. There’s a formula that we used to use to work out how many dishes to order in a Chinese Restaurant that would be enough to share around the table, but for the life of me, I can’t remember what it was! But this is a little snapshot of our orders…and I had no complaints about any of them – they tasted great.

Our orders:

1. Spinach with Century Egg and Salted Fish

Spinach with Salted Fish and Century Egg Chi Restaurant Victoria Park

2. Golden Spicy Pork Ribs

Golden Spicy Pork Ribs (Chi Restaurant Victoria Park)

4. Combination Seafood with Tofu Hotpot

Our token hotpot dish – we always tend to order these when we dine in chinese restaurants – maybe because of the asian in us who will try to combine as many things as possible in one dish, therefore making it more value for money! In this hotpot we have servings of seafood, tofu and seasonal vegetables, all cooked in a tasty sauce which you can eat with rice alone..

Seafood Combination Hotpot Chi Restaurant Victoria Park

5. Chilli Pepper Tofu

The whole chilli pepper ordering craze for us, I think, started here in Perth – I don’t think I have ever ordered anything back home that is chilli pepper! It’s yummy though and I think you can’t go wrong with chilli pepper anything – chicken, pork, squid! Crunchy, salty, slightly spicy on the outside and juicy on the inside – mark of a good chilli pepper dish..yumm

Chilli Pepper Tofu Chi Restaurant, Victoria Park

5. Steamed Herbal Chicken

Oops..I think I forgot to take this dish! But anyway, when we first ordered this dish, we thought that it would come in a form of a “paper bag” where the chicken will be cooked. But it was steamed chicken with a herbal sauce (which was quite nice) – the chicken was cooked well and it was tender..just the way I like it!

Overall, our experiences at Chi Restaurant have always been positive (unlike its’ Perth City counterpart which I hear has closed down). The waitstaff have been friendly and the food has always been prompt and delicious and with our vouchers in hand, we will be sure to come back for more!

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Kabuki Japanese (Takeaway)

On the rare occasions that I don’t bring my lunch, and when the weather is relatively walk-worthy, I venture down the shops of Victoria Park to grab some lunch.

Today was one of those days, and I’m a real creature of habit when it comes to a quick lunch. So I went to Kabuki Japanese Takeaway – a place I’ve been many times. Depending on what I’m craving I would either have Sushi or a hot meal to takeaway.


I decided to try something new on their menu today – Karaage Chicken with rice. My food came pretty quickly considering they only had 1 staff doing the ordering, cleaning up and waitering which was the case pretty much everytime I was there.

I much prefer my Karaage with Jap mayo but this came with what I presume the usual Katsu sauce, which wasn’t too bad. I’m a Cantonese so I looove my meals drenched with sauce or ‘chap’ of any type so this dish was a tad bit dry for me. Otherwise the chicken was fried well, I liked the batter and most importantly the rice wasn’t soggy!! There is nothing worse than soggy rice.


It was a good, quick and cheap lunch and it was topped off with a refreshing bubble tea from Easyway!! Yumm 🙂






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The Silver Spoon

I wish I could do some baking this weekend, but have been really busy! Sometimes, I feel like the weekends are busier than the weekdays andI think I get more done throughout the week! But when we’re not eating in, we get a chance to try some Perth Eateries.

Our good friend, Esthey took us to The Silver Spoon today for lunch. She had a voucher to use, and we were there readily to use it! We’ve often passed by The Silver Spoon, because of the ‘kidney-about’! Those who are familiar to the area will know what I’m talking about – it’s not quite a roundabout so we named it the kidney-about because it kinda reminds us of a kidney.

But I digress…It was a hot day today, and we thought we could get some air conditioning from the restaurant, but unfortunately, it was as humid inside. The interior was nicely decorated and the tables were set out rather classily – so we would expect an equally classy dining experience.

The voucher provided us with an entrée, main meal and a glass of wine each. The Silver Spoon normally has a lunch special:

$35 for 2 courses with wine/beer or $45 for 3 courses with wine/beer – which I thought wasn’t too bad for a nice, gourmet lunch

So, since we could order 4 entrées,  this is what we chose – I can’t remember what some of them are, and their menu online was different from what we ordered, so I will try and wing it!

1. Boudin noir terrine, cornichons, caperberries and sourdough ($12)

2. Smoked salmon, caper and red onion salad, horseradish cream, rye bread – ($12)

3. Beef Carpaccio with soft-boiled quail eggs

4. Trio – Pate, beef slices with salad

The entrées as a whole, were pretty good and was quite unique in its taste – certain elements were great, others, not so much. The one that stood out the most was the venison carpaccio which was really good, the slices were so thin and they could melt in your mouth.

For mains, we each had one and we picked from each other to try (we were also talking about how this concept must be quite bizzare for non-Asians!). So, I ordered the Beef Cheek Medallions – it was moist, and the potato and mushrooms were a good complement. I found it a tad bit salty though.

Hubby ordered the Confit Duck Leg with roasted mushroom and spinach($19) – the duck was too dry and definitely not melt-in-your-mouth like confit is supposed to be! According to Esthey, a particular Melbourne restaurant has set the bar with their duck confit! I will definitely write about that one when I finally get to try it 🙂

Sammy had the Paperdelle with tomato pork and beef ragout ($19) – she was quite disappointed to see that it was Fettucini instead of Paperdelle! And rightly so! But it was tasty (she said) and quite filling.

Esthey ordered the special of the day – Braised baby goat- it was tender enough and the sauce was tangy, slighty sweet which was a good complement to the goat.

I loved the presentation of the food, it was definitely classy and something I will try to emulate, but will never get up to that standard! But what was a huge letdown was the enthusiasm of the waiters. They didn’t really show us enough attention, and when recounting the Special of the Day, he said it with such nonchalance – good thing we still went ahead and tried it though, because it turned out to be better than it sounded! They just didn’t give us a very good dining experience, or made us feel like ordering more – that was probably why we didn’t order dessert. I don’t think we would come here again unfortunately – definitely not on a hot day and definitely with such poor service. But thumbs up to the head chef – the food was good, and presentation was awesome! 🙂 We give it 6.5/10.

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