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Quick & Easy Weeknight meals: Oyakodon

We subscribe to the MasterChef Magazine, and this month’s issue featured a few recipes from 2010 winner Adam Liaw (probably in anticipation of his book release, which we’ve already got our hands on! 🙂 )

Anyway, we decided to try his Oyakodon recipe in the magazine, it looked quite easy and we had all the ingredients on hand anyway. According to Adam’s explanation, Oyakodon is so named because it has chicken and egg in the same bowl (oyako meaning parent and child).. bit of trivia for all you trivia buffs out there! 🙂

We only started taking pictures towards the end of the process, so no images for the prep part of the dish. But its basically cutting chicken thighs into 5mm strips (or breasts, for those who don’t like the sinewy thighs), slicing up a brown onion. Then fry off the brown onion in a fry pan, add in dashi stock (instant ones sold in the oriental shop), mirin, soy sauce and a bit of sugar and bring to a boil. Then add the chicken and let it simmer for a few minutes until its cooked.

Then in a separate non-stick fry pan, heat up some oil and add in 2 beaten up eggs (I used 2 eggs per bowl), add in some of the chicken mixture and let it cook until just set.

Adam Liaw Oyakodon recipe

After that, divide the rice up into bowls. We put in some corn kernels, just cause we didn’t have an accompanying veg dish (all about balance y’know!).Then slide the egg & chicken mixture onto the rice. The egg & chicken is cooked separately for each serving, probably helps in not overcooking the egg, or else you’ll just end up with chicken omelette on rice… :S Then we cut up some Nori into strips, and there you go, a yummy dinner all ready to go.

Adam Liaw Oyakodon recipe ricebowl

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