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Jus Burgers, Subiaco

Many other blogs have written about Jus Burgers in Subi, Northbridge and Leederville – so I’m not going to reinvent the wheel here – but just letting you know what we think is GREAT in Jus Burgers ๐Ÿ™‚

I think our group of friends are frequent diners of Jus Burgers (especially the one in Subi) – mainly because of the distance to church and also how it instantly hits the spot of any onion ring cravings ๐Ÿ™‚

Jus Burgers has quite an extensive menu and drinks that are made on the spot. I’m thankful for the Grommit sized burgers (smaller in size and comes with a side of chips) because I’m always too full after eating a normal sized burger. But that’s just me and hubby wallops the whole burger without thinking much about it :p

We’ve tried quite a few burgers but I always return to the Wagyu Beef burger (with Wasabi Mayo). It’s me and hubby’s favourite!! The beef pattie is cooked to perfection and paired with the hint of Wasabi – tasted soo good. The other burgers are not much to shout about however.

Jus Burgers Wagyu Burger

If you DO want to shout about something involving Jus burgers – it’s their onion rings with aioli!!!

Jus Burgers Onion Rings with Aioli

The batter is crunchy, the onions are sweet and tender. And when you eat it with the aioli it’s a match made in heaven!! Ok, not quite but I’m craving them big time now!! So next time when you’re there don’t bother with the chips, go straight to the onion rings!!!ย 

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It’s Finally Here!! Koko Black & Grill’d @ Claremont Quarter

We love our food a lot! And one of the reasons we love going to Melbourne is the yummy and wide array of food! One of our Melbourne finds is the chocolate boutique (?) I think they call themselves a “chocolate salon”, is Koko Black. Imagine our excitement and delight when we found out they were opening here! In Perth!! Even Canberra got theirs’ before we did ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Anyway, we set the day we would pay a visit and satisfy our Koko Black craving.

We found out that there was a Grill’d next to it, so we hatched a plan to head there for dinner after our usual Saturday night church service for dinner and then head over to Koko black for dessert.. awesome plan! ๐Ÿ˜€

Grill’d is one of the many burger franchises that have popped up in the recent years. Also another franchise that has recently made its way over from over East. They make really good burgers, from beef, to chicken, to lamb, to veggie burgers. We’ve had it on a few ocassions and have never been disappointed.

Grilld Claremont burger menu boards

The menu boards

Our burger choice for this trip was the Baa Baa Burger. We decided to share the burger because we knew we had to fit lots in out tummies that day! The burger was made from lamb mince, accompanied by salad, relish, avocado (yumm!), tasty cheese and their yummy herb mayo, all sandwiched in a panini bun. It was one awesome burger and fully satisfying.

We also go to Grill’d for their fat-cut chips, seasoned with sea salt and rosemary. They also sell dipping sauces to go with these. They have 3 choices of herbed mayo, tomato relish and sweet chilli mayo. The chips are crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, and the sea salt & rosemary seasoning makes it that extra bit special compared to your other burger joint chips.

Grilled chips with seas salt & rosemary

After dinner, we head over to Koko Black which is just opposite. The decor inside is contemporary, whimsical and very pretty. A glass-window panel in the shopfront, where you are greeted with an array of chocolate bunnies and eggs (easter is near y’know), to the large display cabinet of chocolates, We head in and there are table and chairs (with plenty more on the outside). I love the illustration on the wall that runs throughout the main walls of the shop, and its complemented by black wood panes and panelling, very tastefully done I must say!

Koko Black chocolate Perth Claremont

So we sit ourselves down and have a look at what’s on the menu, and there’s just so many chocolate-related things to choose from. We usually have the Ice Chocolate here which is yummy (it doesn’t JUST taste like chocolate milk) its rich and choclatey and oh so sinful! (There’s no pic just cos we were too excited to drink it before the camera had a chance! :D)

Koko black chocolate ice-crem Perth Claremont

A must try is also the Chocolate Moelleux with a Raspberry Espuma. Its served warm with a crisp outside and has a thick, gooey centre the raspberry espuma (foam) gives it a bit of acidity to cut through the richness.

Koko Black Chocolate fondant molten

We also tried the Mocha Tart which was really yummy as well. The Chocolate ganache filling wasn’t too sweet, and I love the crunchy coffee-bean bits that were served with it.

Koko Black Mocha Tart Perth Claremont

Other items on the menu we tried included the Panna Cotta, which was served in a small shot-glass. They have an array of petit pastries displayed in a glass cabinet you can choose from. They also sell 2 Perth exclusive chocolates – Stout Caramel, featuring Little Creaturesโ€™ Single Batch Oatmeal Stout and also the Truffle Caramel, with truffles from Manjimup being the key ingredient. They also have an array of beverage like Hot Chocolate, Affogato, and also St Ali’s (Melbourne) Coffee.

Koko Black Chocolate Perth Claremont Menu

Anti-clockwise from left: Panna Cotta, Belgian Hot Chocolate, Stout & Truffle Caramel Chocolates

All in all it was a great night and our tummies are now fully satisfied. Best of all is we don’t need to wait for months to get out Koko Black fix, or travel 3hrs by plane for it either! ๐Ÿ™‚

Gri'lld on Urbanspoon

Koko Black on Urbanspoon


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