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Kabuki Japanese (Takeaway)

On the rare occasions that I don’t bring my lunch, and when the weather is relatively walk-worthy, I venture down the shops of Victoria Park to grab some lunch.

Today was one of those days, and I’m a real creature of habit when it comes to a quick lunch. So I went to Kabuki Japanese Takeaway – a place I’ve been many times. Depending on what I’m craving I would either have Sushi or a hot meal to takeaway.


I decided to try something new on their menu today – Karaage Chicken with rice. My food came pretty quickly considering they only had 1 staff doing the ordering, cleaning up and waitering which was the case pretty much everytime I was there.

I much prefer my Karaage with Jap mayo but this came with what I presume the usual Katsu sauce, which wasn’t too bad. I’m a Cantonese so I looove my meals drenched with sauce or ‘chap’ of any type so this dish was a tad bit dry for me. Otherwise the chicken was fried well, I liked the batter and most importantly the rice wasn’t soggy!! There is nothing worse than soggy rice.


It was a good, quick and cheap lunch and it was topped off with a refreshing bubble tea from Easyway!! Yumm 🙂






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